How do I Access Cloud Storage

Oregon State provides a few different options for backing up your data to the cloud. Our reccomended service is Box, but you can also use Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. 

Box (Reccomended):

  • Users have unlimited storage on Box
  • Allows uploads of files and folders (individual files cannot exceed 15gb)
  • Using Box desktop app, you can work and edit from a folder constantly synced to the cloud 
  • Easy sharing and collaboration with others
  • Box integrates with Microsoft Office and Google Web Apps to allow file editing
  • Box isn't suitable for research documents or other classified data

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Microsoft OneDrive:

  • Users get 1tb of storage
  • Create/edit Office files directly from office or OneDrive on the web
  • Allows sharing/collaboration

See here for more info

Google Drive:

  • Users have unlimited storage
  • Use Google Drive Web Apps directly from Drive
  • Supports sharing of files/folders for collaboration

See here for more info


For more info on data classification/security, see here.

How Can I Work Directly From Cloud Storage

By installing programs from the various cloud providers onto your coomputer, you can work on files directly from the cloud. See below for specifics depending on what cloud storage provider you are using below:



Google Drive:




Please contact us if you need any assistance in installing these programs and/or setting them up.

How Can I Use Time Machine to Backup My Mac

Time Machine is a great way to backup and restore all the files on your mac if you have an external storage device (external hard drive, etc.). For details on how to set it up, see:

What is Backed up During Cosine's Standard Backup Schedule

 Core IT Services Backup

Data included in the Standard Backup Schedule include:

  • user Email
  • File server home directories (see Online Storage and Backup)
  • Departmental directories (usually mapped to T:)
  • web sites and MySQL databases

Online Storage

All departments fully supported by COSINe are allocated 10 GB of online server storage space per supported user account. The count of the number of user accounts is calculated during the fall term. The server space is backed up according to the standard COSINe backup schedule.

The intended use of this server space is as a repository for user data files, not as space to save full desktop/notebook backups, or large quantities of research data.

Storage capacity beyond the 10 GB per user limit is described here: Expanded Online Storage

Users are also given personal storage space in their home directory.

* Users also have access to 1TB of temporary storage on T:\Scratch (also accessible via /mnt/scratch on the linux command line). This space will be monitored and anything older than 30 days will be removed.


Standard Backup Schedule

Core IT services data, managed servers and other managed network hosts (see Network Host Backup below) are backed up according to the following schedule on a monthly cycle:


Monthly Full All user files are backed up
Weekly Differential All user files changed since the last full backup are saved
Daily Incremental All user files changed since the last backup are saved


Effectively, this means that user data can be restored to the state it was in at the end-of-day, for any of the previous 30 days.