Why Do I Get an Invalid Certificate When Logging In

We have moved our web structure to a more robust environment. In doing so all authenticated users on Drupal will be on the Secure port which requires a Certificate for each site. If the site is of the form oregonstate.edu we can get a Cert for free and you will not get a warning.

If it is not of that form there are two options, first is we create one but this will give the warning. Secondly is to purchase one for that site name.

Why Are my Edits not Showing Up When I'm not Logged In

With the new system we cache web pages, this way the site is more responsive.  The downside is some times the cache doesn't know that the pages changed and it will still send out the old page.  To request the new page hold down the Shift key and click refresh (pres F5 on the keboard) and this will get the most up-to-date page.