SSH & SFTP Software

SSH & SFTP Software


There are a few good choices SSH and SFTP programs for Windows.

  • SSH Secure Shell Client
    • You can install this software from T\Applications\Tools
  • MobaXterm
    • This is a freeware SSH, SFTP, Remote Application Launcher.  You can SSH in, copy files and launch applications remotly and run them on your computer with a simple installer.  Download the free version for use MobaXterm
  • PuTTY with WinSCP
    • Getting the installer version of PuTTY and then installing WinSCP is the simplest way to get these two programs connected for SSH and SFTP.
    • PuTTY
    • WinSCP

OSU VPN Software

VPN is a program that you can use in order to access the OSU network from home, just as if you were on-campus.

Please see this guide for details on how to install and setup the OSU VPN. For a list of services that require the use of the VPN, see this list.

Note: As of Sep 18th, 2020, the old VPN ( is no longer enabled. See the guide above or contact us for information on the new service,


Dreamspark (MSDNAA) Software Downloads

Certain Microsoft software is provided at no cost by Microsoft's academic alliance program.


The page to login and access the software can be found here.

ConnectWiseControl Client macOS 10.15 Fix

1. Go to  We will provide you with a code to enter in the "Join with a code" field. After typing in the code, the arrow will turn red. Click the arrow to begin the download of the ScreenConnect software.

 OSU's Remote Support Website:

2. If you are downloading for the first time on a Mac, select "Download App."Support prompt asking if you want to run or download the app.

3. If you web browser prompts you to allow downloads from, select "Allow."

Safari Asking If You Want To Allow To Download Items

4. Insert a step and screen-shot on how to loate the downloaded file.

macOS telling the user that Apple cannot check to see if the software is malicious or not

5. A prompt may appear asking you to open "Security & Privacy" or "Deny." Select "Open" or navigate to System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

macOS System Preferences With Red Arrow Pointing To Security and Privacy

6. Click the pad lock in the lower left-hand corner of the  Security & Privacy window and enter your system password to allow changes. On the General tab, select "Open Anyways."

macOS System Preferences asking do you want to open Connect Wise Control Client

7. Select the "Privacy" tab.

8. Select "Accessibility" and check the box next to "ConnectWiseControl Client."

macOS System Presences Privacy Pane Accessibility

9. Do the same for Screen Recording.

10. Your CoSINe Helpdesker should be able able to see and control your screen now.