How to setup screen connect:

Step 1:  Call the helpdesk (541-737-5574) and go to  We will provide you with a code to enter in the "Join with a code" field. After typing in the code, the arrow will turn red. Click the arrow to begin the download of the ScreenConnect software.

Step 1.5: If you are downloading for the first time on a Mac, select "Download App."

Step 2 (Windows):  Follow the prompts on the next page to run the program.  These instructions will vary based on which browser you are using. We use Firefox in our example below.

Step 2 (Mac): Once the download completes, hold control and left-click on the downloaded file, and select "open."  A pop-up will appear asking if you want to open or cancel.  Select "open" once more and ignore the security warning.


Click open:


Step 3: We should now be able to control your mouse and keyboard. If you are running macOS Catalina, please refer to this document for some extra steps: