How can I Post my own Web Page

Hosting a personal web page


If you place files in your Z: drive under the public_html directory, those files will be available on the internet at:<username>

Where USERNAME is your science username. Please note the ~ before the USERNAME.

If public_html directory does not exist in your Z: drive: Create a new folder— Right click and go to New , then Folder . Name the new folder public_html .  Remember, your webpage must be named index.html for the page to show up automatically. is a good resource for how to make webpages.

If using SFTP to update your webpage, please connect to <> with your ONID credentials.

Can Cosine Help Manage Department Web Site Content

Will Cosine help maintain department web site content?


The Cosine Helpdesk will provide secondary support for maintaining content on departmental web sites. However, this is an "as-time-allows" service, and requesters should have the expectation that requests may take weeks to fulfill, depending on the nature of the request and the current Helpdesk workload. Departments would be best served by having a competent individual in the department trained to maintain web site content, and using Helpdesk for this task only as absolutely necessary.

Requests should be submitted through the Helpdesk ticketing system (send a descriptive Email to and Helpdesk staff will work on requests as time permits.