Account Types

In general, we create two accounts for each user: an Unix account and a windows domain account. Each type of account can have an email mailbox added. The default is to create a Unix IMAP mailbox unless Exchange is specifically requested.

UNIX Account:
- Personal Home Directory (Z:\ Drive)
- SSH, SFTP Access
- Personal Web Site (must create public_html folder)
- IMAP mailbox
-- Email Address:
-- Email Alias:

Windows Account:

- SCIENCE Domain Login
- Access to Departmental Storage Share (T:\Microbiology)
- Optional Exchange mailbox
-- Email Address:
* If Exchange email is requested, we typically do not create an IMAP email mailbox. In such
cases, we create a forward for to the Exchange email
address (

Global Address List (Outlook Address Book):
- Exchange mailbox users
- Staff
- Faculty
* Exchange users automatically get added to the Global Address List (this can be hidden upon
request). Additionally, for non-Exchange users we publish to the GAL the Unix email address
for staff and faculty. Since mid-2009, the GAL publishing process automatically adds an
email alias We can retroactively add an email alias of for staff and faculty that do not have one.

Exchange Fees and Quota:

- Standard Mailbox
-- $2/monthly - 1000 MB
-- $2/monthly per each additional 500 MB (allocation increases must be requested)
- Limited Use Mailbox
-- Free - 100 MB

Account Request:

Password Changes:
* The password change tool sets the password on both an user's Unix and windows accounts.

Tips for Choosing a Secure Password

Passwords must have a minimum of 8 characters and must include at least 1 of each of the following:

  • upper case letter(s)
  • lowercase letter(s)
  • numerals and/or non-alphanumeric characters (e.g. +,&,%,#,/,<, etc.)

Password should never include the user or login name (or variation of)

"But I can't remember a non-sense password," you say. Use a song or phrase that you can easily remember, for example "Mary had a little lamb, whose fleece was white as snow". Using the first letter of each word, and selectively replacing some letters with similarly shaped numbers, you could have a secure and memorable password like : Mhall,wfwwa5.

Do not use that example, since it is listed here and publicly available.

I Forgot My Email/ Domain Password

If you have forgotten your account password, it must be reset by the Cosine Helpdesk. Due to security/privacy concerns, users must come to the Cosine Helpdesk in person with an official photo ID (e.g. OSU ID card, drivers license, etc.).

Changing your Password

Using a web browser that supports secure connections go to:

Log in using your science username and password (you do not need put in science\ before your username)

Usermin Login

Click on "Change Password"

Change Password link

Enter in your current password and your new password twice. Click Change Now.

Please read the guidelines for choosing a good password here.

 password box

 You have changed your Science account password.

How Long is my Account Active After Leaving OSU

When you leave OSU, unless Cosine is notified otherwise by your department, the account you have will remain active for six months. After six months you account and data will be deleted.

Why a Cosine Administrator Account Required on any Machine Connected to the Wired Network

Like any shared community resource, the OSU network requires development, enforcement of policy, and standards to assure efficient operation and remediation of issues. Cosine staff use the administrator account to respond to a user's requests, to assure compliance with Network Security Standards, or to investigate and, if appropriate, deal with the anomalous behavior of a machine. Administrator access is not used casually and certainly not for any purpose to invade personal or professional privacy.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact the Cosine Director.