Changing your ONID password

With the new DUO requirements, ONID password changes will become less frequent.  That said, you will still need to change your password after account compromises which can happen by responding to phishing attempts, or malware.  This guide should help you settle back in after a password change.

1) For laptops and phones, update your wifi password so that you can connect to eduroam (or OSU_Secure):

2) Update all your email clients with your new password:

3) For laptops which you login using your ONID account, plug them into OSU's wired network and login so that they pull your credentials from OSU servers and can re-cache them

As Needed:

4) Login to the VPN

5) Remap your T and Z drives on personally owned computers using your new credentials:

6) Lastly, any webservices that you've been logging into with your ONID account will need your new credentials.  You will be reprompted when you connect to them:,, Microsoft Federation (for Office365 and a few other things), Banner, Canvas, Box, etc.