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A recent issue with the ONID webmail server lead to its discontinuation.  CoSINe has hosted our own webmail server for some time now and we are working to get users affected by that removal back up and running on our server.  The user interfaces will be slightly different between the old ONID server's interface and our server's.  We're happy to demo to you how to continue your email workflow on our server or to perform the following configurations.  Just give us a call or swing by the helpdesk.

Importing an address book from the old ONID server

Step 1: First we need to get the backup of your address book.  It was saved to a folder in your Google Drive.  Open drive by following this link: https://drive.google.com
f you're logged in then you can continue to step 2.  Otherwise, you should see something that looks like the following
Picture of the Google Drive landing page
Click "Go to Google Drive" and then sign in by entering your ONID username followed by @oregonstate.edu.  It looks like an email address but really it just tells google where to find your account.  This should redirect you to the normal ONID login page where you can login as normal.
Use your ONID username followed by @ oregonstate.edu as the username
Login using your ONID credentials

Step 2: Open the folder called "ONID Webmail Data - <Your ONID Username>@science.oregonstate.edu"
Open the folder called "ONID Webmail Data"
Then right click on the file called address_book.csv and click on Download:
Right click and download the address book backup
Do the same for the calendar.ics

Step 3 (Windows): Open your downloads folder and find the address_book.csv file.  Right click on it and open it in notepad:
Open address_book.csv in Notepad
Next Open the save-as dialog:
Open Save As
Change the encoding to UTF-8, change the save type to all files, and save it using a new name like address_book_utf_8.csv:
Save as UTF 8

Step 4: Next, open up webmail and navigate to address book -> import / export.  Then click choose file:
Open address book import export
Open the address_book_utf_8.csv file.  Then click Next:
Open the UTF 8 address_book file we just created
Confirm the default information and then click next:
Confirm that the import shows reasonable information
Ensure all the items have been paired properly.  Then click Next:
Ensure that all fields have been matched properly

Step 5: This next step should drasticaly speed up email sending and writing.  Open mail preferences:
Open email preferences
Open the Address Books settings:
Open address Books
Change the order and selected / available address to match the following, then click save:
Confirm address books selected

That's it!  Your address book should now be imported and operational.

Change Sent Mail folder

Why? Users migrating from the ONID Webmail server to our own have reported interface slowness that we've traced to a mismatch between their old sent mail folder and one that was created for them when they started using our own server.

How to delete email and configure the trash folder

The other thing...