The College of Science Information Network (COSINe) provides a wide array of services.  Below is a listing of Core Services and optional services.  If you have a special need/request not listed here, please contact us to setup a time to discuss your needs.

Core Services Support     
Network Connectivity
Server and Desktop Backup Pricing
Managed server
Server Rack Storage
Virtual Machine
Expanded Online Storage
Web Services

Core Services Support (not servers or websites): Expected to be $516 per year or less

  • Cosine managed user account
  • Email - IMAP or Exchange
  • Anti-virus software installation and management
  • Cosine Help Desk hardware and software support
  • 10 GB personal data storage with nightly backup
  • Access to shared, departmental storage which is allocated to the department at 10 GB per account and backed up nightly
  • 30-day backup/recovery window for files on personal or departmental storage
  • Operating System installation & support
    • Microsoft Windows (subject to terms of OSU Microsoft Campus Agreement)
    • Microsoft software update service hosting and management
    • Linux  (Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu; license charge as appropriate)
    • Mac OS X (additional charge for license)
  • Microsoft Office Suite installation (subject to terms of OSU Microsoft Campus Agreement)
  • Specification/purchasing assistance of IT equipment
  • Network connectivity and IP address management

Managed Unix/Windows server: $560/year

  • 24/7 Server/Service monitoring with pager service
  • Operating System patches and updates
  • Located in an environmentally controlled data center
  • Powered and protected by a 50 KVA UPS
  • System logs monitored daily

Server Rack Storage $203/yr

  • Servers located in a controlled and secure location
  • Located in an environmentally controlled data center
  • Powered and protected by a 50 KVA UPS
  • Colocated server must include managed Unix/Windows server fee above.

Virtual machine base charge (1 core, 1GB of RAM) $93/yr plus 16GB disk space

  • Each additional core cost $72/yr
  • Each additonal 1GB of ram $19/yr
  • Each 1GB of disk space $0.16/yr

Expanded Online Storage 

Beyond the standard departmental allocation under basic Core Services, additional RAID protected, backed up online storage can be allocated to units or individuals according to the following rates:

Per allocation change $15
Per 100 Gigabyte storage per year $16.00


Incremental Backup 
Any COSINe supported network host--desktop, laptop or a local server--the campus wired network that is logged on to science can be added to the standard backup schedule according to the following rates:


Setup charge per change $15
Monthly administrative overhead charge $0
Per Gigabyte backed up per year $0.05

Along with redundant backups, this service allows restoration of files to the state they were in at the end of any of the previous 30 days.


Network Connectivity 
Network connectivity for COSINe supported devices is included in the COSINe support package. Network devices connected to the network infrastructure purchased and maintained by the College of Science, but not under COSINe support, will be charged $2 per device, per month, with the first year paid in advance.

Miscellaneous Services 


Service Cost Increment
Web site setup $153 one-time
Drupal Web Site Hosting $510 annual
Development/Programming $61 hourly
Content entry & maintenance $13-35 hourly
Other services can be arranged upon request.