If you are a member of COSINe, you can contact Tudy Seistrup for ordering or questions @ 250-0735, or email her at seistrut@oregonstate.edu

We can provide the following software for you at an educational discount.

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Remote Apps Remote Desktop Services


We have a site license for Microsoft Office, so you can obtain that free of charge. If you want Windows 7 for a university owned computer, we will install that free. If you want it for a personally owned machine, the cost is $79.99 and you should purchase it through techhead.org.

Please see the Information Services software licensing site for eligibility requirements, ordering process, and pricing for the new Microsoft Office Home Use Program.

Adobe - (OSU Adobe Licecensing has changed as of fall 2014)

Acrobat (edit/create PDFs): This software is available to be installed at *no individual charge* on any and all OSU owned computers. The cost is being covered by each College or as a surcharge to Cosine services as the license required 100% participation. If you would like the software added to your computer please submit a ticket to the helpdesk:  http://cosine.oregonstate.edu/request-help

Adobe Creative Cloud (Price TBD est. $50-$75 per year)

The license allows for a limited number of installations based on historical usage of Creative Cloud (~165 for Cosine’s community). If you *need* the software on your computer please submit a ticket using the link above. The installer package is large and updates can be challenging. We strongly recommend only installing the packages you need rather than the entire Creative Cloud.

Acrobat Pro included
Photoshop CC included
Illustrator CC included
InDesign CC included
Adobe Muse CC included
Dreamweaver CC included
Flash Professional CC included

 For additional Creative Cloud apps follw this link: 


Mathematical & Scientific Software***

ChemDraw (provided by Chemistry/Pharmacy) Order
Matlab Pricing/Info
Mathematica Pricing/Info
Maple Pricing/Info
SAS Pricing/Info
S-Plus Pricing/Info
SigmaPlot Pricing/Info
SPSS Pricing/Info

 Miscellaneous Software

Mac OS Mountain Lion $29.00
Apple iWorks 2009 $39.00
Parallels (includes 1 year maintenance) $37.99
VMWare Fusion (Free for College of Science Employees) $44.50
Corel WordPerfect Office X6 $89.00
Endnote Pricing/Info