Prerequisite Steps for Cosine Account Unification

Perform the steps below prior to unification. There is additional information on this page not included in the announcement email.


Set your SCIENCE (Cosine) password so it matches your ONID password.

Windows Computers:

  • Shutdown or logout your workstations and laptops before leaving on the night of the unification.
  • After unification, log onto your computer using your ONID credentials or use the format
    (We will update the default logon domain to ONID.  However, this will not apply for remote computers until they connect to the campus network).
  • Before bringing laptop computers back to campus after unification please shutdown the laptop.
    Once on campus log onto the laptop using
  • If you login to your computers using your ONID account instead of your Science account, please contact the helpdsk so we can migrate your data.


  • Open Keychain Access in Utilities and change any SCIENCE\username entries to use
    Look for science\ using the search field in the top right corner of the Keychain window. Under Account: update each such entry to
  • If you have an Exchange mailbox, change the username field to use in the account settings of your email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc).
  • General instructions for Email configuration:
  • When logging into Academic Technology instructor stations that you have used in the past after unification, you will receive an error upon login. Contact Academic Technology using the phone in the room to fix this issue before class.

ONID Alternate Contact:

  • Please ensure your ONID alternate contact is set to an external email address (non-OSU) so you can use it to receive password reset details should the case arise.
    • Choose Login to ONID ( on the left navigation pane. After login, select Alternate Contact Info on the left navigation pane

Exchange Email on Mobile devices:

Custom Forwarding Rules:


Graduate Students:

  • If you have data in your Office365 OneDrive ONID account, please back it up elsewhere as the data will be wiped when your accounts are unified.
  • You will lose access to Office365 after unification until the following day.


  • You may need to add additional email addresses to your Canvas account if your ONID mailbox is not your primary mailbox. This can be accessed from the Settings menu in the top right corner of the Canvas interface.

Personal Web Pages:

  • If your ONID username is different than your SCIENCE username your personal web page <> will change to match your ONID username.
    • e.g.: <> will become <>
  • If your personal web page is published and you need a redirect from the old URL, please submit a request to the Cosine Help Desk.

Z: and T: Drives: