What is the "New Core" Network?

OSU Networking and Telecommunications has deployed a new network infrastructure dubbed “New Core”. The new infrastructure is much faster, resilient, and scalable than the legacy “Old Core” network. All network devices need to be migrated to the new network so the legacy equipment can be retired.

New networking equipment has been purchased for all College of Science buildings. 

Benefits of the new core and equipment upgrade:

  • Improved speed to desktops. Currently, connections have a 100Mb bandwidth, which will increase to 1Gb.
  • Added security & protection from the internet. All IPs are private (public IPs provided upon request).
  • Added redundancy and improved network routing. On the old core, if hardware fails in another building, the failure has the potential to impact network traffic across campus.
  • Network isolation adds the ability to separate sensitive devices (cameras, sensors, printers, etc.) from the workstation network.
  • All network gear will be replaced, which in some cases is over 10 years old.
  • Floor switches will have 20GB aggregate (2x10Gb) links to building core router. Buildings will be connected to the campus backbone at 40Gb.


  • How will I access my workstation remotely from on campus?

    Common remote access ports will be open when connecting from other computers on campus.
  • How will I access my workstation from home?

    Connect to the VPN, then use a remote access protocol to connect to your workstation.
  • My device requires a public IP address.

    Public IP addreseses are limited and will only be issued to computers/devices with a clear need for one. Apply for a Public IP address
  • Can I keep my current public IP?

    No. New IP addresses will be assigned in the new core network. Scripts and processes that depend on public IP addresses should be re-written to use the DNS host name.
  • Are public IP addresses static?

    Yes. Once issued, a public address is statically assigned to that computer/device.
  • My software license is locked to my IP address.

    Open a ticket with the relevant information so we can look into the issue.