Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, December 9, 2014
Meeting Agenda/Public Notes: 
  1. Office 365 - Faculty Access
  2. Converged ONID accounts
    1. Benefits - Single account, Science account becomes ONID so keep primary email.
    2. Timeline - Unknown, hopefully within a year.
    3. Process needed - TBD
  3. Network Management
    1. Long-term vs Short-term - Cosine is evaluating the benefits of keeping network management in-house or exploring a partnership with Network Engineering for providing network services. Number one priority is maintaining parity in service and flexibility.
  4. HPC Cluster
    1. Current Usage - Current usage of the cluster is very minimal.  Word needs to be spread to start to utilize this resource.
    2. Annual Investment - Cosine expects to invest annually on the cluster. This year will be a hybrid storage solution to support scratch space.
  5. Campus IT Information:
    1. Technology Common Fund - More or less replaces TRF. Many items will be funded based on budgeted need rather than an RFP process
    2. Innovation Grants: Proposals are due December 18th. For more information please follow the link:
    3. Adobe rollout/billing -
      1. Acrobat (edit/create PDFs): This software is available to be installed at *no individual charge* on any and all OSU owned computers. The cost is being covered by each College or as a surcharge to Cosine services as the license required 100% participation. Cosine will support the installation of this software. For the past two months we have been including Acrobat on every new Windows computer. We are not planning on installing Acrobat automatically on existing computers without your consent.  If you would like the software added to your computer please submit a ticket to the helpdesk:
      2. Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.): The license allows for a limited number of installations based on historical usage of Creative Cloud (~165 for Cosine’s community). *There is an individual annual cost* for the products covered under the Creative Cloud license,  the cost is expected to be between $50-$75 per year. If you need the software on your computer please submit a ticket using the link above. An index number will be requested. Creative Cloud is a large installation and takes a long time and many resources. It is recommended you only install needed packages such as Photoshop rather than everything.

Follow-up on Summer Meeting Questions:

  1. Big data Infrastructure – What are perceived needs? Specifically are researchers looking for computing resources that offer: fast processing, high memory (RAM), expansive storage or fast storage?
  2. Big data follow up – For storage specifically, what are the size of datasets being analyzed. GB, TB, 10’s of TB, 100s of TB?
  3. Research pain points – Please check with colleagues to see if they are having pain points in their research they think could possibly be solved with an IT solution. We would like the opportunity to help as not everyone realizes we are prepared to take on solving unique IT challenges in support of research.