Meeting Date: 
Friday, April 1, 2016
Meeting Agenda/Public Notes: 


Welcome Christine

-          Introduction of Christine See Evans, Assistant Director for Cosine to Cosine Advisory Group.

 Andrew’s Split Appointment

-          Andrew will be splitting time with IS Client Services (65%) and Cosine (35%).

New Core Migration

-          Cosine is seeking support for a mass migration. One pilot group and all remaining Cosine users after support burden has been evaluated.

-          Information Services acquired new routers that are 40GB capable, 10GB uplink speed per building and 1GB downlink speed in current setup.

-          Cosine will acquire 30 new switches for ALS, Gilbert and Weniger.

-          Security Zone are created for firewall in the following context:

Security Zone



Workstations and printers


Instruments and data collection systems


Cosine unsupported systems, personal laptops, etc.


Video cameras, temp sensors, web servers, etc. (Internet of Things)


Researcher owned servers co-located in the ALS datacenter

-          VPN and Secure connection were discussed for units requiring off campus access to local resources.

-          Concerns were raised for IP addressed printers that could be a challenge during migration.

-          Cosine has agreed to provide support during migration should issues arise.

-          Cosine will be sending communication previous to migration that would include security group information, device list for verification and meet with users about migration prior to and after migration.

-          Advisory Group members were asked for their assistance to identify security zones for devices in their respective areas, disseminate information during their scheduled Faculty Meeting about migration to facilitate discussion about migration.

Research Website Support

-          Cosine will be providing FREE Drupal Research Site Creation and Content Management Support. Basic features are free and additional add-on features will be charged a fee. Please Check our Template Site :

Box Cloud Storage

-          The university is in the process of acquiring an enterprise site license for Box (Cloud Storage). OSU will provide an unlimited cloud storage that runs on Internet2 connection to US based servers and maintain institutional ownership over accounts and content. License cost is $120,000/year currently.

Managed Print Services

-          The university is negotiating with HP for print management for the campus. Contract is payment by usage model and it includes toner cost and maintenance. HP has submitted the intent to award by PACs

Quarterly Meeting

-          Attendees has agreed to schedule the quarterly meeting on the 2nd week of the new term. Scheduling polls will be sent with those dates in future correspondence.