The Class/Course Catalog website has been redeveloped. There was no notification sent about the change which resulted in broken links on many websites.

We do not have the specifics yet, but the new course catalog system has been outsource to a cloud provider.  The issue is that both the old and the new catalog site uses the catalog.o.e domain name, and the vendor doesn’t support automatic URL redirects.  This unfortunately means that all the current broken course links will need to be manually updated with new formatted links.

Below we have some example course link templates you can use for your course pages:


All courses by course prefix (must be lower case):<PREFIX>



Scheduled courses by course prefix (must be upper case):<PREFIX>



Scheduled courses by course prefix for a specific term (must be upper case):<PREFIX>&srcdb=<TERMCODE>


TERMCODE takes the format of:

201803 - Spring 2018
201900 - Summer 2018
201901 - Fall 2018
201902 - Winter 2019



NOTE: apparently some of the content on the catalog site has changed. CoSINe does not administer the catalog site.

All feedback and and support questions for should be sent to: